Paola van der Hulst
Paola van der Hulst

Paola van der Hulst is a multidisciplinary artist, whose work spans from film to fine jewelry to traditional and digital painting- with links across disciplines often observed throughout her work.

Born in Mexico City to a Mexican mother and a Dutch father, Paola left Mexico at sixteen to study at Kent School in the United States. Subsequently studying at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where she graduated with a degree in Economics and Finance. Upon graduation, she worked in finance in London for three years.

Looking to pursue her creative passion, she left her job in finance and moved back to Mexico City after a decade of living abroad. It was there that she re-discovered the creative potential and her passion for the family business of jewelry and decided to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps.

Drawing from her rich cultural experiences, her artwork, and her life in Mexico, all designs are crafted by Paola herself and subsequently produced in her workshop in Mexico City. In such short amount of time, Paola has received numerous accolades- namely winning Vogue Mexico’s Who’s On Next for best Accessories Designer in 2015.

In keeping with the family tradition, all the pieces are handcrafted in Mexico City to the highest standards. With a high commitment to quality, Paola uses only the finest materials available. All Paola van der Hulst jewelry utilizes fine silver and gold from Peñoles, the world leader in silver production and a company highly renowned for its commitment to sustainable and zero impact mining.