palladium white gold

palladium white gold

palladium white gold | Paola van der Hulst

palladium white gold. Nickel has been traditionally used in the jewelry industry as a predominant alloy for making white gold. It was not without faults, however, as nickel is one of the most common causes of allergic contact dermatitis. Not to mention that when alloyed with gold, it results in a slight yellow tinge that needs constant rhodium plating to maintain the piece a true white hue.

In recent years, particularly since the European Union nickel release regulation, the jewelry industry has found alternatives to create white gold.

Paola van der Hulst, in order to meet the requirements by the EU and create the best jewelry for our customers, uses a palladium and silver alloy throughout its 18K white gold jewelry that yields a ‘true white’. The jewelry need not be rhodium plated, eliminating future plating costs for our customers.

Our 18K palladium white gold jewelry contains 75% gold (Au) and about 12.9% palladium (Pd) and 6.7% silver (Ag). Making our white gold a true precious metal.

Look for the ‘palladium white gold’ description throughout our pieces.